PLS KNOCK W/ THRMOMTR - The post-apocalyptic note / by Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

PLS KNOCK W/ THRMOMTR - The post-apocalyptic note

Been in bed with a fever the past few days... all but quarantined in an extra staff bedroom. The camp thermometer had broken, and while my friends drove the long way into town to get one, I began to doze off.No! I thought (somehow believing they wouldn't wake me up). I must have that device! So, mind clouded by fever and finding it was getting dark, I searched my room obsessively for note-writing supplies. Unable to find a simple pen and paper, I set about cutting a stencil to civilization out of a brown paper bag.

This, of course, took way longer than searching elsewhere for a pen, and I nearly gave up several times, but I powered through - I was in this thing now, dammit.

I put it up after much fussing, and found it to be quite genius, but then going to sleep was impossible since I lay in bed waiting impatiently to hear my friends' reactions.

They said they never would have noticed it. Well it's been up for three days since and I'm never taking it down.