Saint Joseph, I love you. by Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

St. Joseph, I love you

St. Joseph, I love you

My roommate, Sarah Jane Scouten, is an old-time bluegrass and folk musician with a weakness for flowery dresses (the one pictured here is my mother's). One day after breakfast, we rounded the corner and were struck by the blooming median strip on Saint-Joseph - like someone had unravelled an organic carpet right down the middle of the road. A photo-shoot was unquestionably in order. Later on, a local film crew fancied our style and gave us some granola bars and juice boxes for our effort.

Mail Order Chick by Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

Mail-Order Chick On a road-trip across the states, I stopped to mail myself a postcard, and found that I was in line behind a couple picking up their box of live chicks! Whether living on a ranch or in a penthouse, US residents can order a box of live one-day old chicks to their home. Every year, the USPS ships them by the thousands. Their busiest time is the weeks leading up to Easter, with around 200,000 being shipped per week.

The Overland Track, Tasmania by Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

Overland Track, Tasmania  

I stepped back in time on the Overland Track, a strange and stunning bush walk on the often overlooked island of Tasmania. The trek is roughly 40 miles long and packs a lot of scenic punch, with terrain ranging from sheer mountains, temperate rainforests, wild rivers and alpine plains. Magnificent, prehistoric dolerite cliffs soar into view from the start. Tasmania's relative isolation has been kind to the landscape, with only 60 hikers allowed in per day during peak season. If you've ever imagined a world where dinosaurs roamed, look no further.

The Trees have Eyes by Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

The Trees have Eyes  

Strange things happen at dusk in Hobart, Tasmania's capital, during the Ten Days on The Island biennial festival. Every two years, the Australian state is host to hundreds of cultural events and art installations. I had been waiting in Franklin Square for my airport shuttle for two hours before I realized that the trees behind me were blinking. Craig Walsh, an Australian projection artist, was responsible for the eerie and mesmerizing faces, which would look around periodically as if to catch your eye. Next year's festival is scheduled for the 15-25 of March, 2013.

Stick n Poke by Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

Stick n Poke Friends gather in my bedroom for a DIY tattoo session. "Stick n poke" tattoos, popular with legions of broke twentysomethings, can be given with little more than a sewing needle and some India ink. The design is a beet growing out of her pants, inspired by the fresh-vegetable-nostalgia that plagues Montrealers in the long winter months.

Goodbye, my deerest. by Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

Goodbye, my deerest. Here lies one of Santa's best and brightest.

My family and I were inside, cozy by the fire; static-infused Christmas carols emanating from the record player. The lights on the tree glowing through the night as the last embers flickered and smouldered. We fell asleep dreaming of a cinnamon bun morning, ignoring our dog's frequent and urgent bolts into the surrounding forest - so bloated were we with comfort food and lullaby levels of carbon monoxide.

Less than 100 feet away, a pack of coyotees took down their Christmas meal the old fashioned way.

A lesson in perspective for all those who find the holidays stressful - consider that you weren't stalked through the woods in winter and disemboweled on Christmas eve.

Hawaii Sea Camp Session 3 video by Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

Been a little while coming, but here's a look at session 3 at Hawaii Sea Camp. I think I'm really getting a handle on Final Cut Pro (having picked it up about a month ago) but like photoshop, the program is quite powerful and full of possibilites. Exciting and daunting! Hope you like it:

Does this make you wish you were in Hawaii?

PLS KNOCK W/ THRMOMTR - The post-apocalyptic note by Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

PLS KNOCK W/ THRMOMTR - The post-apocalyptic note

Been in bed with a fever the past few days... all but quarantined in an extra staff bedroom. The camp thermometer had broken, and while my friends drove the long way into town to get one, I began to doze off.No! I thought (somehow believing they wouldn't wake me up). I must have that device! So, mind clouded by fever and finding it was getting dark, I searched my room obsessively for note-writing supplies. Unable to find a simple pen and paper, I set about cutting a stencil to civilization out of a brown paper bag.

This, of course, took way longer than searching elsewhere for a pen, and I nearly gave up several times, but I powered through - I was in this thing now, dammit.

I put it up after much fussing, and found it to be quite genius, but then going to sleep was impossible since I lay in bed waiting impatiently to hear my friends' reactions.

They said they never would have noticed it. Well it's been up for three days since and I'm never taking it down.

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Red (ant) Hill by Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

Red (ant) Hill

This is another stitched panorama from my hike up Mauna Loa, overlooking Red Hill cabin. It's the first stop after a steady climb to 10,035 feet. It had been a long day, but Pele (the ancient Hawaiian volcano goddess) rewarded us with stunning views of Mauna Kea and a cozy cabin nestled in iron-saturated rock. To the right you can see what looks like the ocean, but what is actually the cloud-line. When the wind dropped, I'd never heard silence so loud.

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The Very Very First by Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

Welcome to the very first post on the Nasuna Photography blog! Nice to see you here... Let's get right to it: Here's a pano from January, when I hiked Mauna Loa on Hawaii's Big Island, the largest active volcano in the world. It's actually a stitch of nine vertical shots in an attempt to capture the vastness of its sweeping crater after a squall. At 13,000 ft, cold and lightheaded from the altitude, I thought "this is one way to start 2012"... not exactly the classic picture of a Hawaiian vacation - but I wouldn't have had it any other way.Image