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What's on Your Bucket List? by Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

Here is my 3rd vlog for My Destination's Biggest Baddest Bucket List competition!

Winners week in London is drawing closer, and it's got me thinking about my dream trip and where I would go if I win the 6 month trip around the world and $50,000.

So... what's on your bucket list?

If you haven't yet done so, please go to my page to view my original entry video (a 3 min tour of Montreal!) and help me out by clicking "support and follow this finalist" - the green tab to the right:

Thanks for your support and I'd love to hear your favourite must-sees around the world!

Live Free and/or Die - White Sea Turtles by Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

tortugas.overlay Yesterday I went to a sea turtle sanctuary called La Tortugranja on Isla Mujeres (the Island of Women) in Mexico.

It's a tiny, beautiful island, despite daily boatloads of tourists being belched onto the surrounding beaches from Cancún. Unassuming and out of the way, La Tortugranja is not only a sanctuary for turtles, but also for lone photographers in a hermit-ish mood.

They keep many different species here (all endangered) but most stunning are the white sea turtles. According to their caretakers, they cannot absorb sunlight properly and so suffer a shorter lifespan. Because of this and for educational purposes, they will never be set free, though I can't help but think that a short life in the ocean is better than an eternity in a tank.

Mail Order Chick by Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

Mail-Order Chick On a road-trip across the states, I stopped to mail myself a postcard, and found that I was in line behind a couple picking up their box of live chicks! Whether living on a ranch or in a penthouse, US residents can order a box of live one-day old chicks to their home. Every year, the USPS ships them by the thousands. Their busiest time is the weeks leading up to Easter, with around 200,000 being shipped per week.

Goodbye, my deerest. by Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

Goodbye, my deerest. Here lies one of Santa's best and brightest.

My family and I were inside, cozy by the fire; static-infused Christmas carols emanating from the record player. The lights on the tree glowing through the night as the last embers flickered and smouldered. We fell asleep dreaming of a cinnamon bun morning, ignoring our dog's frequent and urgent bolts into the surrounding forest - so bloated were we with comfort food and lullaby levels of carbon monoxide.

Less than 100 feet away, a pack of coyotees took down their Christmas meal the old fashioned way.

A lesson in perspective for all those who find the holidays stressful - consider that you weren't stalked through the woods in winter and disemboweled on Christmas eve.