Christmas; deer

Goodbye, my deerest. by Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

Goodbye, my deerest. Here lies one of Santa's best and brightest.

My family and I were inside, cozy by the fire; static-infused Christmas carols emanating from the record player. The lights on the tree glowing through the night as the last embers flickered and smouldered. We fell asleep dreaming of a cinnamon bun morning, ignoring our dog's frequent and urgent bolts into the surrounding forest - so bloated were we with comfort food and lullaby levels of carbon monoxide.

Less than 100 feet away, a pack of coyotees took down their Christmas meal the old fashioned way.

A lesson in perspective for all those who find the holidays stressful - consider that you weren't stalked through the woods in winter and disemboweled on Christmas eve.