Artist re: Money by Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

Dublin, 2015

Dublin, 2015

Why Money? 

Why we like money? Why we dig deep always for that money? Why we take time from our napping and sunning and singing and hunting and gathering for that Green? Not like Green in the grass way, not like Green in the apple in our eyes way but Green in the Green Greedy Goblin cha-ching in the eyes way? 

Why you think that Money Tree don't grow money but twist up and up like your insides when you realize it don't bear a dime or even a dime-bag for when you sad it don't bear a dime. Huh? 

When you gonna think about money like food. Like water. Like shelter. Like freedom. 

Forget about money.

For getting money.

Forge money.

Forage money.