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The Everyday Experience by Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

Caro.in.the.kitchen This is my friend Caroline, and this is what she looks like in between texts in the kitchen. No big deal.

I met Caroline at theatre school in Montreal, where we did weird things like embody characters behind masks, pretend to martyr ourselves on rafts encircled by sharks and test our intuitive orientation through sensory deprivation exercises. I suppose if you’re the paranoid type, you would say that this behavior isn’t so far from the Everyday Experience of a dog-eat-dog world.

For the past few months, I’ve been making occasional trips back and forth to Toronto to work as a background performer on film & tv sets. You know the crowds of people running from aliens or losing their shit at college football games? I’m one of them. It’s extraordinarily bizarre. Lots of people think it’s glamorous, but when they cover you in fake dirt, lather your hair in vaseline and send you out into the world dressed in full combat regalia, sometimes you begin to question your reality.

Anyway, now she’s a filmmaker and a dancer, currently documenting the krump movement in Toronto. You check out her website here:


& subscribe to her youtube channel here: